Virtual Jock

Major Market Talent…for a Fraction of the Cost!

With Virtual Jock’s Five-Star roster of major market talent, covering all formats, you’ll trim expenses and upgrade the sound of your station, all while sounding live and local!

Each of our personalities has over a decade of major market experience and are proven ratings and revenue winners.  For a fraction of the cost of full-time on air talent, we offer 5 shows a week, with localized breaks for your station and market.

From Talent and Formats, to Commercial Production and Social Media Management, we have everything you need to streamline your sound, leveraging your station for success.

Virtual Jock is available to your station on barter saving the cost of paying talent in cash.  Put your barter to work to make your station sound great!

Special Offer for IBA Members!

IBA Members receive a minimum of 20% off the barter rate to obtain Virtual Jock talent for their station/market!  Rates are based upon Nielsen audience ratings for your market.

Don’t delay, contact us today to bring top market talent to your station!

Call 844-KEY-NETS (539-6387) or visit www.keynetworks.com/virtual-jock-iba/ to learn more.