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No Spin News

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Trailblazing journalist and bestselling author Bill O’Reilly’s one-hour weeknight program, “No Spin News” is now available to U.S. radio stations. The market-exclusive show brings a full hour of O’Reilly’s fair, smart, fact-based analysis every weeknight, featuring his exclusive commentary, news, and notes on what is happening in the world.

“No Spin News” is available to stations of all formats and market sizes across the U.S. Monday-Friday for weeknight clearance.

The one-hour show has been airing in New York on 77 WABC for over a year under the title “Common Sense with Bill O’Reilly.”

In the Fall 2021 Nationwide book by specific hour, WABC-AM is the number one-ranked station in the New York DMA. “Common Sense with Bill O’Reilly” is the number one talk show in the evening daypart, per Nielsen Audio Fall 2021 Nationwide, MF 9PM-10PM Hour, MF 7P-12Midnight.  DMA, Persons 12+ AQH.

Available Monday-Friday
1 Hour

Bring the number one talk show on 77 WABC in it’s evening daypart to your station!

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